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Early Christianity was Different

Christianity evolved out of Judaism. It was considered a sect of Judaism. Jesus Christ intended to preach his teachings to Jews only, but his apostle Paul was the one to teach Jesus’ teachings to non-Jews (gentiles). Around of the 1st … Continue reading

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Really Early Firearms

The first “guns” were invented in the late Middle Ages. They looked like a metal tube on a stick with a little hole for gunpowder. It was fired with a little flame on another stick to ignite the gunpowder. Usually … Continue reading

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The Neolithic

The Neolithic means “new stone age”. The Neolithic and Paleolithic were both in the stone age, but there is a distinction. The Paleolithic happened before agriculture was established and people lived more settled lives in the Neolithic. In the Neolithic, … Continue reading

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Islamic Golden Age

The Islamic golden age is a very interesting time-period! Muslim societies in the middle east were known for their advanced technology and culture. They were very intellectual and prized knowledge. They are credited for re-discovering and translating ancient Greek documents … Continue reading

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Crucifixion in Antiquity

Crucifixion was one of the worst punishments in the ancient world. It was made for a very ¬†slow painful death. Rome is most famously known for crucifixion, but they may have gotten it from the Carthaginians. Crucifixions were reserved for … Continue reading

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The Roman’s Burden

The Roman Empire stretched from Britain to the Middle East at it’s height. The Romans let the people in their provinces keep their own culture for the most part, but the Romans thought that they, themselves were more civilized, and … Continue reading

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History is History Part 2

In the first half of “History is History”, I talked about how history is distorted in schools to further a contemporary agenda. This second half is about how history comes up in modern politics to argue a modern political viewpoint… … Continue reading

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