Jesus is Believed Not To Have Been a White Caucasian Man

The Historical Jesus Christ is thought to have resembled just an average person in the Middle East with a dark complexion, a beard and short curly hair. We think he’s a white guy with blue eyes, but that’s to make him more relate-able to western culture. Other cultures made Jesus look like themselves too! The Bible notes that Jesus had to be pointed out by Judas, which wouldn’t have been necessary if he looked like a white guy! It does make sense that Jesus would look Middle Eastern if he was born in the Middle East!

Scientists believe he may have looked like this…


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3 Responses to Jesus is Believed Not To Have Been a White Caucasian Man

  1. chicagoja says:

    Actually, some Middle Eastern people in ancient times were caucasian. For example, we know that certain Egyptian pharaohs were caucasian because of their mummies or because of their DNA (e.g. King Tut). Even the Bible identifies certain individuals as being caucasian (e;g. King David). So it’s not a stretch to believe that Jesus was also caucasian.


    • persnicketythecat says:

      You seem to like my posts on Christianity! I like to study about early Christians a lot. Do you recommend any topics to post about?


      • chicagoja says:

        It really depends on what you’re personally interested in. Myself, I blog about religion, philosophy, science, ancient history and everything else in-between.


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