Medieval People

The Middle Ages is usually thought to start after the fall of Rome in 476 AD and goes until the fall of Constantinople. The Middle Ages was a turbulent time, and historians wanted to split it up into the early, high and late Middle Ages! I like the clothes the best! People often portray Medieval people wearing more Renaissance clothes in the media and it drives me nuts! There is a difference between the two eras! Also, Medieval People weren’t stupid and thought the world was flat! (No one in Antiquity did either…) The church funded a lot of science back then believe it or not! I like the early and high Middle Ages the best because I feel like they were really “Medieval” instead of becoming more Renaissance-like. My one of my favorite things to study about the Middle Ages is religion since Christianity was so entwined with everything they did!


About History Is Interesting

I like ancient and medieval history!
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