History is History… An Opinion Piece

If you’ve ever been in a history class in a public school (I can’t speak for private schools), if you were really observant, you may have noticed the curriculum using the past to verify a current agenda. Contemporary ideologies are often subtly brought up via historical events and peoples. Some examples include an over-emphasis on women or what I call “Europe-bashing”. While women make up and have a part in history and their respective societies, most of the time, they play a less significant role in history then men, but in history class are emphasized beyond just mentioning their own roles. In history class, if a man made an achievement in history, a woman beat him to it. Note the heavy emphasis on “women in history”. Also, “Europe-bashing” also goes on. Basically, it teaches that Europe was filthy, superstitious and uneducated and shouldn’t get credit for anything they’ve invented since someone else who was NOT European invented it first! (minus the Greeks and Romans). It puts non-European cultures on a pedestal Europe apparently doesn’t deserve:(

The said-ideologies brought up in these examples are a push for women’s rights and empowerment, and recognizing minority cultures and peoples. Now, women’s rights and a non-Eurocentric viewpoint  are not objectionable in itself, but altering history to suit a contemporary viewpoint is. History already happened they way it happened and we can’t go back and change that. We must acknowledge that we may not agree with the ideas they had or the things they did, and just tell history as it is. However, we can change the present and shape our future into what we want it to be, undefined by viewpoints from the past that we may no longer agree with. If we really want to change our ideologies on a subject, focus on right now and the future. The past already happened and cannot change, but our present and future can… Can we get over letting our past define our future course of action?


About History Is Interesting

I like ancient and medieval history!
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