Early Christianity was Different

Christianity evolved out of Judaism. It was considered a sect of Judaism. Jesus Christ intended to preach his teachings to Jews only, but his apostle Paul was the one to teach Jesus’ teachings to non-Jews (gentiles). Around of the 1st century, Christianity started to become distinct from Judaism. Early Christians used the Jewish holy texts instead of today’s Bible! Jesus Christ was seen as an “agent of God” as opposed to God himself until the Nicean Creed. Early Christians also had an archaic prayer position which was raising your hands up to the sky called the “orans position”. The cross didn’t become their symbol until later on, presumably because crucifixion was very gruesome and disturbing also, it shows their deity humiliated. Early Christians also had many symbols that modern Christians don’t use. Some symbols are the same modern Christians use, but look a little different. The fish symbol for example, was an entire fish, unlike the modern one! Many Early Christian teachings were deemed heretical later on. Modern Christians may not recognize the earliest Christians were Christian!

Jesus depicted as the Good Shepherd in catacomb art  Gravestone of Firmia Victora, showing ship symbol    Peacock, Catacomb of Priscilla, Cubicle of the VelataChi-Rho symbol from catacombs


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2 Responses to Early Christianity was Different

  1. chicagoja says:

    The earliest of Christians weren’t really Christian at all. They lived their lives by the Torah, not the Bible or religious scriptures. Of course, the New Testament didn’t even exist in those days.

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