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Medieval College!

People think of the Middle Ages as dark and ignorant, but they weren’t as dumb as people think. The rise of universities came about in the High Middle Ages around the 1200’s. More people went there to get a higher … Continue reading

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Archaeological Context

Archaeological context is where an artifact is found and the things surrounding it. Context is really important, as you can date artifacts and get clues to it’s use from things around it. The best thing archaeologists find in terms of … Continue reading

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Kennewick Man Controversy

The Kennewick man is a skeleton of a paleolithic person who lived in the modern day state of Washington. It was found on the bank of the Columbia river in 1996 and is dated to 7300-7600 BC. At first, people … Continue reading

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Undiscovered Parts of Stonehenge Revealed

Smithsonian Magazine says that a research project, the “Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project” found evidence of 15 unknown monuments! It included hedges, pits and ditches. Some discoveries were a big elongated loop near Stonehenge, like a race track called a  cursus, … Continue reading

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The Origins of Language

The origins of language have been speculated on since antiquity. Many myths tackle language, like the Tower of Babel for example. Others say that their gods endowed them with language too. Later on, people tried to see what the first … Continue reading

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History of The Use of “X” Instead of Christ

The X in words like X-mas and more rarely, Xtion are not getting rid of the word “Christ”. In fact, the “X” sign used there isn’t really the letter X! The X sign is actually supposed to be the letter … Continue reading

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The Birth of Civilization

The Birth of Civilization is a documentary made by National Geographic. I like that documentary a ton! It is compromised of four mini-stories that tie in with what they’re saying fact-wise. It stars in the paleolithic and goes up to … Continue reading

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