Syncretism is the blending of cultures or religions. Syncretism was prevalent in Pagan religions like the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. The Romans considered the Greek gods to be analogous to their own gods (Zeus/Jupiter, Poseidon/Neptune…). Also, as the Romans encountered other peoples, they both thought that their deities were analogous to each other too like  associating Hercules with Thor or Mercury with Odin. They also had Mithra which came from Persia. Pagan religions were very flexible and could accept foreign deities into their own set of gods. Pagans that Christians encountered wanted to just add the Christian god into their own circle of gods! (The vikings decided that Thor’s hammer was like the sign of the cross, so when they made the sign of the cross, they could think about Thor instead!) Monotheistic religions try to reject syncretism, as their holy scriptures were believed to have been “revealed” to them, and there is a strict one-god policy. Syncretism did slip it’s way through when Christianity converted some other cultures, as they mixed their own beliefs into Christianity. Visit Syncretism to learn more!


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