The Church in the Middle Ages

The church in the Middle Ages was Catholic. It has immense power and was central to everyone’s lives. Peasants had to give a portion of their crops (and work on church land!) to the church and others gave 10% of their income to the church called tithes! The church would also set the work days too, as they decided what holidays there were and everyone went to church on Sunday! The church also had a say in government, and there was no separation of church and state. The church could make laws, like you couldn’t eat meat on Fridays. People enforced the church’s laws, and there was a crackdown on heretics. The church also had functions in daily life people needed like baptism, confession, burials and marriage for example. It also had control of Medieval people psychologically. They thought that you obey the teachings of the church, and do what the church wants you to do, or you would be punished in Hell. The church had control of who saw the Bible too, books weren’t that common to average people and the church could lock up it’s Bible and interpret it for the people. (It was illegal to translate the Bible out of Latin! Some guy got in trouble for that…) Sermons were often held in Latin, the liturgical language of the church and people couldn’t understand a word of it! The church was deeply intertwined with Medieval people’s lives!


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I like ancient and medieval history!
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