Funny Portrayals of Jesus from History

Jesus was portrayed to the liking of the culture that embraced him most often. Jesus was portrayed as a warrior in one instance in an Early Medieval church. Most likely they wanted to think he was “in the lord’s army”!

Another funny portrayal was Jesus in a viking saga. He was portrayed as a viking warrior and his disciples were his “Thanes”! There’s even a story about him dueling with Thor and winning! Christian monks wanted to appeal to a viking demographic!

Caption: (Christus Victor. Mosaic, A.D. 500s The Archiepiscopal Chapel in Ravenna. Christ is shown as a triumphant warrior with His cross. One foot is on the head of a serpent, the other on a lion in fulfillment of Psalm 91:13. The book he hold open reads, “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.”)



About History Is Interesting

I like ancient and medieval history!
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