You Don’t Know How Feared the Vikings Were!

The vikings as we know them weren’t just one specific group of people called “vikings”, rather, they were groups of people who were known for plundering. The vikings we think of were mostly Norse. They didn’t just pillage places, they also were known for trading as well. When they raided a monastery in Lindisfarne, the people there thought that they were just coming to trade! Never the less, everyone else was afraid of the vikings. Christian monks wrote about how they were vicious barbarians. The creepy part was that they could go inland because their ships could go up small rivers. People feared them so much, that they prayed “Dear God, from the fury of the North men preserve us….”! The vikings were like today’s terrorists for the people they often raided. Men, women and children and pretty much everyone was slain before each other’s very eyes.  People from nearby villages got to witness all the aftermath too! It was as if terrorists today attacked city, after city, after city on a regular basis, and not only that, in addition to attacking with weapons like bombs, they had an army of thousands on foot killing people. You could see them come into your home and neighborhood and kill people! Sounds like a horrific nightmare, but that scenario would probably be the modern equivalent if the vikings were a terrorist group today. With that in mind, you could see how feared they were. The vikings were an ever present, ongoing threat to the peoples that feared them so.


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