Ancient Metals

There were seven known metals in Antiquity. They knew about gold, silver, tin, copper, lead, iron and mercury. Surprisingly, gold is the oldest known. Gold was used to decorate like it is today. Copper was used for the first tools and came around from 4000-6000 BC. Lead wasn’t used in it’s pure form for a while. Lead sulfide was used as a cosmetic but people didn’t use the metal lead until 3500 BC because it was too soft and pliable. Silver was made in 2500 BC and was found in the cosmetics that had the lead sulfide too. Tin was used since 2000 BC. It was commonly mixed with copper to form Bronze. Use of mercury dates back to 1500-1600 BC. It was used because of it’s property to dissolve silver and gold. It is commonly found in ores. Iron became popular in 1200 BC. Hematite as used for jewelry. Iron was five times more expensive than gold at the time! Iron weapons were the most efficient at the time too. Iron is rarely found in it’s native state on Earth.


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