The Wheel

The wheel was invented around 3500 BC! Many civilizations simultaneously invented it, so it is hard to pinpoint who invented it first. The earliest known use of the wheel was actually a potter’s wheel as opposed to the wheels on vehicles! The first wheel for transportation was invented probably around 3200 BC.  Spoked wheels came around in 2000 BC and Europe has seemed to invented it on their own in 1400 BC. The wheel for transportation probably started as rollers to move heavy stuff like stones on, and progressed to moving heavy things on sleds over the rollers, the rollers becoming attached to the sled progressing to a wheel and axial. The wheel is a simple concept, and it isn’t surprising that it was invented, but many advanced civilizations in the new world didn’t have wheels! The Incas, Mayas, and Aztecs among others didn’t have wheels at all. Wheels are most useful on flat surfaces and wide open plains as opposed to very hilly and bumpy, crowded places like the jungle or mountain tops like the Incas had.


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