Slavery in The Ancient World

Slavery was and is still around. In antiquity, slaves were born into slavery, captured as prisoners of war, debt-slaves or as a punishment for crime. Slaves were the lowest social class and were legally property. In most places, slaves were owned by private individuals. In Ancient Rome, slaves were owned by private individuals, but also by the state as well to work on public projects. Although slaves were someone’s property, they had some rights in different civilizations. The master had to feed the slaves and give them shelter. Masters also couldn’t kill a slave arbitrarily, they had to have a good reason. Sometimes, slaves could make a complaint against their master if they were treated poorly. Many poor people sold themselves into slavery as life as a slave could be better than life as a free peasant! Many people grew fond of the slaves they had, as they put their trust on the slaves and in some cases, the slaves could be their personal body-servant. People had opinions for and against slavery, but slavery made up a significant part of many empires economically. Slave markets were popular to buy slaves from. Slaves with special skills could be very expensive.


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