Salt in the Ancient World

Salt was very valuable in the Ancient world. Our bodies need salt as “sodium is the primary cation (positive ion) in extracellular fluids in animals and humans. These fluids, such as blood plasma and extracellular fluids in other tissues, bathe cells and carry out transport functions for nutrients and wastes. Sodium is also the principal cation in seawater, although the concentration there is about 3.8 times what it is normally in extracellular body fluids.”(Wikipedia). Salt also is a good preservative and helped people preserve food for long periods of time. Salt was very hard to find and extract, so it was very valuable. Trade routes like the Via Salaria sprung up to trade salt. Cities were built around salt deposits. Salt was even used as currency by some, like the Ancient Romans, hence the word “salary”. Check out this cool video about salt!


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