Cave Drawings at The Lascaux Cave

Cave Drawings are fascinating to look at. The most famous ones are in the Lascaux cave in France. It has around 2000 images of animals, humans and abstract patterns. Many of the pictures have deteriorated away or are extremely faint. The paintings were discovered in the 1800’s by a girl and her father. The cave paintings are stylized, but have an astonishing realism to them. It is interesting to many that those “cavemen” could do it! Many interpretations have been postulated about them.

In recent years, new research has suggested that the Lascaux paintings may incorporate prehistoric star charts. Michael Rappenglueck of the University of Munich argues that some of the non-figurative dot clusters and dots within some of the figurative images correlate with the constellations of Taurus, the Pleiades and the grouping known as the “Summer Triangle”. Based on her own study of the astronomical significance of Bronze Age petroglyphs in the Vallée des Merveilles and her extensive survey of other prehistoric cave painting sites in the region—most of which appear to have been selected because the interiors are illuminated by the setting sun on the day of the winter solstice—French researcher Chantal Jègues-Wolkiewiez has further proposed that the gallery of figurative images in the Great Hall represents an extensive star map and that key points on major figures in the group correspond to stars in the main constellations as they appeared in the Paleolithic. (Wikipedia).

Some think that the abstract patterns resemble sensory deprivation hallucinations. The people were thought to have gotten sensory deprivation in the cave and depicted that too!


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