Holy Roman Empire

The Holy Roman Empire was formed in the Early to High Middle Ages. It was ruled by Frankish kings and then by Germanic kings. It was part of  Germany, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic,
France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Croatia, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia Switzerland,  San Marino and Liechtenstein. Charlemagne was crowned emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 800 AD. The Holy Roman Empire was thought of as a continuation of the Roman empire. It used to be just called the Roman empire, but it later “holy” was added in the 12th century. It corresponded to the medieval value of wanting one big Christian nation (a.k.a Christendom). The Holy Roman Empire covered such a long period of history it is divided into four phases!


The history of the Holy Roman Empire can be divided into four periods: the age of emperors, the age of princes, the early Habsburg period, and the final phase. The age of the emperors lasted from 962 to 1250 and was dominated by the strong emperors of the Saxon. The emperors of this time spent most of their time trying to control Italy. Their power, however, depended on their German resources, which were never great. The age of the princes lasted from 1250 to 1438. The emperors were much weaker. They exercised only minimal authority in Italy. The early Habsburg period lasted from 1485 to 1555. This period strove to create a feudal system. The final phase lasted until Napoleon I finally destroyed the Holy Roman Empire in 1806. (Middle Ages.net)

It lasted from 962-1806.

To learn more, check out The Middle Ages .net


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