“God” as We Know Him Used To live With Other Deities

The Hebrew God, Yahweh is known today to be the only existing deity in the Abraham religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  Those religions are monotheistic and reject polytheism. However, early writings suggest that the Hebrew god used to be part of a big pantheon of deities! There are accounts of him fighting with other lesser deities and winning! Later on, he evolved into the only god and was written into the religious records as the only god.

The Israelites were not monotheists; they were henotheists, which mean that their culture was defined by their worship of Yahweh as their only god, but they did not deny the existence of other gods. During their earliest history they also worshipped El, from which their namesake derived, and Baal and Asherah. The idea of a single exclusive God didn’t enter Hebrew culture until the Babylonian exile. (The Evolution of God The Unspoken Bible.com).


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