Cavemen in Popular Culture

Cavemen are often portrayed as brutish in popular culture. They are portrayed as club-wielding brutes wearing leopard patterns. Another big one is cavemen and dinosaurs. Apparently, anything “prehistoric” includes dinosaurs. Cave men are shown hunting or being hunted by dinosaurs and even keeping them as pets! Even the term “caveman” is a stereotype of them! Of course, some of these stereotypes are played just for fun (who really believes cavemen lived with actual dinosaurs anymore?) but others do color our view of cavemen. When we think of cavemen, we are usually thinking of either cromagnons, or neanderthals. Real actual cavemen lived in the paleolithic, and around that time, cromagnons and neanderthals lived at the same time. We think of them as the same sometimes, but they were two distinct species of human. Neanderthals were more robust and looked like the more “brutish” caveman. Cromagnons were anatomically the same as us. Cavemen were not brutes that were stupid. They had the beginnings of culture, like art and rituals. There is evidence that they had spirituality and cultural concepts like beauty. These things encompass Behavioral Modernity. Also, they preferred to use weapons like spears for stabbing and throwing, as well as arrows. They had a thing called an atlatl to throw spears longer distances too. Also, cavemen wouldn’t wear leopard and cheetah print fur pelts if there weren’t any such animals native to the area! Most surprisingly, cavemen didn’t really live in caves! It is shown that building a fire for light in caves just makes the smoke fill up the cave. Cavemen most likely lived in more man-made dwellings and were migratory. I prefer the term “paleolithic peoples” :)

(Poor caveman, that sign is so un PC!)


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