Astronomy in Antiquity

Astronomy is thought to be one of the oldest sciences. People were keen observers of the skies back then. They measured the passing of time with things like celestial bodies to determine things like the seasons. People from varieties of cultures used the skies to help with agriculture, when to plant stuff and so on. Many different cultures made very accurate calenders from looking at various things like the moon or constellations. Our own calender is a solar calender. Stars were also useful for navigation as you could orient yourself by the star’s positions relative to you. The North star is the most famous for that. Interestingly, the constellations and stars we see today were in different parts of the sky in ancient times than now! Outer space was mysterious to them and people also came up with ideas about what the things they were looking at were. Some people thought that the sun and moon were deities. Many artifacts reflect how the ancients felt about outer space. Big monuments like the pyramids, Stonehenge and others line up with celestial events and stars to an astonishing degree of accuracy! Smaller artifacts also reflect their fascination with outer space, like the Nebra Sky Disc and the Sun Chariot. To this day, humanity carries on it’s fascination with the cosmos!


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