The Birth of Civilization

The Birth of Civilization is a documentary made by National Geographic. I like that documentary a ton! It is compromised of four mini-stories that tie in with what they’re saying fact-wise. It stars in the paleolithic and goes up to ancient Mesopotamia. The documentary explains the rise of human civilizations and highlights inventions like settled homes, agriculture, metals and writing. The most impressive thing by far in the documentary is that they created their own versions of ancient languages! The characters in the story don’t speak English, they’re clearly speaking some ancient language. Also, the languages are different in each story. In most documentaries, you only hear some mumbled word-like sounds, but in this documentary you can hear the language clearly and the narrator speaks English highlighting the story. The plots are engaging and very well written, which is rare these days. They also feature historians who talk about background information for the stories about the history behind them.  This documentary goes above and beyond many documentaries on history! 


About History Is Interesting

I like ancient and medieval history!
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