Undiscovered Parts of Stonehenge Revealed

Smithsonian Magazine says that a research project, the “Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project” found evidence of 15 unknown monuments! It included hedges, pits and ditches. Some discoveries were a big elongated loop near Stonehenge, like a race track called a  cursus, two pits alongside that, an east and west pit and a main entrance point crossing over the cursus. The cursus predates the work on Stonehenge by several hundred years. They think that since the cursus runs east to west, it may have had to do with the rising of the sun. To the south of the cursus is a large human burial mound.  They also discovered two huge pits, too big for practical use. One rand down the path of the summer solstice, and the other ran down the path of the midsummer sunrise. The pits formed a triangle with Stonehenge and linked the cursus with Stonehenge. These finds are significant as they’re evidence for spiritual activity in Stonehenge. The people who made it most likely used it for worship. People who saw it at the time would’ve been amazed at the big structure, and it was even more elaborate back then than it is today! Check out the article from the Smithsonian!

What Lies Beneath Stonehenge?



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