Archaeological Context

Archaeological context is where an artifact is found and the things surrounding it. Context is really important, as you can date artifacts and get clues to it’s use from things around it. The best thing archaeologists find in terms of context is a cache. A cache is a lot of things put together that are meant to be together, and not just randomly put there, like a sacrificial offering, for example. Context is also the layers in an archaeological site. The layers are made from human habitation and the artifacts they left there. Over the years, the layers get buried and more are made and buried as time goes on. Layers also can include things like pits and remnants of walls and buildings too. If you take an artifact out of it’s context, then you lose all kinds of information on it. That’s a big problem with looting and people who just take things. You lose the context once you take it from it’s original in situ spot.Ā Archaeologists make detailed charts and reports regarding context of finds at a dig site.

Archaeological Context


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