Cannibalistic Cavemen!

Cannibalism is probably one of the most morbidly fascinating things to research about. It’s a worldwide cultural taboo, yet it happened throughout history. There is evidence of cannibalism in pre-history, and neanderthals and modern humans practiced it at times. Usually, cannibalism was a last resort to survive. Interestingly, cannibalism was thought to be more frequent in prehistory than thought before, as there may be a gene we have that protects against diseases transmitted through human brain tissue. It was disputed soon after, but the theory still persists. ¬†Cannibalism in the paleolithic may have also been to dispose of corpses and to keep predators away for predator control. Evidence for cannibalism came from marks on bones that look to have been made by human tools carving at the meat. Cannibalism boarders on the unthinkable, which makes it morbidly fascinating. In prehistory, it was all about survival and practicality in many ways.

Prehistoric People Ate Each Other Bones Show


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