Just in Case You Didn’t Know…

Just in case some newer readers weren’t aware, this blog has reached a total of 80 posts! Certainly you haven’t read all of them, so here’s the links some older ones! They are all fascinating and worth the read!

Jesus is Believed to not have been a white Caucasian Man     The Roman’s Burden

Orans!!!                                                                                             Crucifixion in Antiquity

Medieval People!                                                                             Writing

History is History, an Opinion Piece                                            Behavioral Modernity

Barbarians                                                                                       Islamic Golden Age

Greek Fire!                                                                                        The Neolithic

Judean Date Palm                                                                           Really Early Firearms

The Roman Army Through The Ages                                          Early Christianity Was Different

Syncretism                                                             Pagans Had Some Weird Views About Christianity!

English Didn’t Always Sound Like English                                 The Church in the Middle Ages

The Renaissance                                                                             The Spread of Christianity

Ancient Graffiti                                                                          Why Neanderthals May Have Died Out

Comets, Oh No!                                                                           The Beginnings of Monotheism

The History of Our Alphabet                                                        The Great Schism

Ancient Hair Dye!                                                                           The Three Estates

Gutenberg’s Printing Press and Social Change      You Don’t Know How Feared the Vikings Were!



About History Is Interesting

I like ancient and medieval history!
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