Columbus Day is Here!

On holidays, I’ll make holiday themed posts. This first one is on Columbus Day. Columbus day is celebrating Christopher Columbus discovering the New World. Controversy surrounds it, as he and other explorers didn’t treat the natives as we would’ve liked. My take on that is that those explorers came from a different mindset about other cultures than we have. The cultures they came from thought of non-Europeans as exotic and/or savage in many ways. Faraway lands captured their imaginations and spurred some wild stories! One of the biggest issues was the clash of mindsets between the Europeans and natives. The Europeans didn’t see how the natives viewed their land as more communal, as the Europeans had a more rigid concept of private property, so they interpreted that the land was free for the taking. Also, they viewed the natives as inferior culturally. With that in mind, it makes sense how they treated them. That was the viewpoint back then. That aside, Christopher Columbus was an interesting guy. A little known fact is that on another island during his travels, he took advantage of a lunar eclipse. The natives on that island developed unfriendly relations with Columbus and his men. His men ran out of supplies and began to starve and mutinied. Columbus cleverly concocted a plan to get the natives to brig him food and supplies. A lunar eclipse he found out, was coming very soon, so the night before, he told the natives to give him the supplies, or he’d make the moon disappear. They didn’t believe him at first, but they were frightened when the mood did disappear and gave in. Now that’s an interesting story people don’t know about!

How a Lunar Eclipse Saved Columbus


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