Modern History

Mostly on this blog, I’ve written more about Ancient and Medieval history, but there are also many fascinating things within the realm of more modern history. My interests with modern history primarily are with WW1 and WW2 and things in between. Over the next several posts, Modern history will be covered more.

To start off, this year is the 100th anniversary on the start of WW1. WW1 started on the 28th of July, 1914 and ended on November 11th, 1018. WW1 was the first major war in Europe since the Napoleonic wars in the early 1800’s! It is known for the new advances in modern warfare technology like machine guns and fancy types of artillery shells. Uniforms also changed from being bright colors, so leaders could see their men in battle, to being more blended in with the surroundings to be hidden more. People in WW1 learned the hard way, that a cavalry charge doesn’t hold up against machine guns! New things like airplanes also went to war for the first time! They even used giant blimps! Trenches provided cover from the heavy machinery. ¬†Conditions in the trenches were rough. Often, they were insanitary and full of vermin like lice and rats. Flooding could occur, and men who didn’t take off their boots could get trench foot. People had to adapt to this new kind of warfare that was the transition to modern warfare.


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I like ancient and medieval history!
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    Looking forward to reading more.


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