“Over There”

“Over There” was a famous song in WW1. it sent a message that you should “do your bit” and join the war. It talks about fighting the Germans, the “Hun” and that it would make your family and country proud. It is a very upbeat song and encouraged men to go to war. A lot of songs were like that in WW1 urging people to do their patriotic duty. At the time, many were swept up in this patriotic fervor and anyone who didn’t go was heavily stigmatized. The strangest thing though, was that president Windrow Wilson was reelected with the slogan “He kept us OUT of the war!”, but when we entered, the patriotic fervor started too. Interestingly, the song “Over There” was popularized again in WW2, which may not be as surprising, as we fought Germany again, but we also liked the song in the Vietnam war and after 9/11. The generic line of being “over there” could refer to any war where we went to another country. WW1 was the real opening for the US to be in world affairs and conflicts. I think that in the future, we will be “over there” a lot more often in future conflicts. I don’t doubt that we’d be “over there” if WW1 came again a lot sooner than we were. I think the whole policy of being “over there” isn’t as good as we think it is. I think the only times the US should go “over there” is to defend itself or possibly help an ally, but now it seems that the US is “over there” to spread it’s cultural values and “democracy”. Never the less, I’m sure we’ll be “over there” from now on. As Wilson said, We’ll be making the world “safe for democracy”…


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I like ancient and medieval history!
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