Pearl Harbor: Another Day We Should “Never Forget” (next to 9/11)

Today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Pearl harbor is very important in WW2 because that’s what got us involved in the war! On December 7th, 1941, Japanese fighter planes attacked the Pearl Harbor naval base. They managed to destroy around 20 naval vessels and 200 planes! The attack only lasted two hours as well! Over 2000 American soldiers and sailors died and around 1000 were injured. After that event, the president asked congress to declare war on Japan and all but one in congress voted for war. Japan’s allies, Germany and Italy declared war on us three days later. Japan and the US had increasing tensions, and Japan planned the attack, as we weren’t expecting an attack on our own soil, and Japan is very far away from here.

During WW2, Japanese citizens here were put in internment camps, due to perceived danger and resentment towards Japan for Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was very much like 9/11 today. Many people still remember what they did and where they were on that day much like 9/11 is. While 9/11 started the “war on terror”, Pearl Harbor started our involvement in WW2, the most major war to date! In many ways, Pearl Harbor, it could be argued, to have made an equal to greater impact than 9/11. Pearl Harbor is equal in that it is remembered like 9/11 is, and it was an attack on our soil, harmed innocent people, and lead to military conflict. I think it stands out though, in that it wasn’t just a militant group that targeted us, but an official nation, the government of Japan. Also, they sent out HUNDREDS of fighter planes just to destroy that naval base. That’s super creepy to me! Imagine if HUNDREDS of planes, specifically for war, were attacking us today, and to top it off, a country’s government sent them to attack us! That would surely top the record for malicious destruction! Lastly, the war that Pearl Harbor led us into hugely impacted us on the home front than our current military conflict. My example: Do we ration stuff today? Do we have air-raids? Do we have internment camps for people of Middle Eastern descent? etc… Pearl Harbor, overall is at least if not more in some ways, the equivalent to 9/11 in the pages of history. Pearl Harbor definitely deserves recognition as another day we will “never forget”.


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