A New War Brings a New Approach to Shell Shock

Up until recently, PTSD was still not quite acknowledged by the military. Only recently were the “unseen wounds of war” taken seriously by the military. In WW2, though, there was a more enlightened attitude towards the mental toll of war than in WW1. Training videos were made addressing the topic in a new light. Instead of being shown in a shameful and punitive light, those videos were focused on recovering the soldier and sending him back to duty. It acknowledged that the soldier could be fixed and wasn’t a coward or broken man. Many had outdated therapies like hypnosis and electro-shock therapies, but the message remained the same, that the soldier could recover and go back to duty no different than if he broke his arm. Here’s a prime example of such a video:

Watch out for some funny scenes! At one part, a soldier talks about his diarrhea!


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