Christmas in History

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day throughout it’s history are filled with exciting events! The most favorite of mine are in the year 800 AD, Charlemagne was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the pope on Christmas Day. It is speculated that he coerced the pope into giving the title to him. He appeared in the Church of St Peter’s, and Pope Leo III gave him the crown to be Holy Roman Emperor. He was already king of the Frankish people and made many reforms in education, money and other things known as the Carolingian Renaissance.

My other favorite is when the Germans, English and French soldiers made a truce on Christmas Eve into Christmas Day in WW1. The Germans started singing Christmas carols and lit up tiny Christmas trees! Soon, the other sides started to emerge and became friendly with the Germans, fraternizing with them and even exchanging gifts! Except the Germans, who exchanged “Gifte” (poisons) every other day to the enemy :) The word “gift” means poison in German! They even played a game of soccer during Christmas Day! After Christmas, both sides feared that the soldiers would not fire on their respective enemies after the truce. Once the higher-ups heard the news, they disapproved, and there weren’t any other major Christmas truces for the rest of the war.


About History Is Interesting

I like ancient and medieval history!
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