Just a quick detour from modern history… Roman-Themed Video References Early-Christianity

I still will be posting mainly about modern history for a while, (there’s a ton to cover!), but a neat video from a song called “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy got me thinking about ancient history for a bit. The music video takes place in what looks to be Ancient Rome, with the Colosseum and the gladiator shows.  The video starts off with a man in a cloak giving imprisoned soon to be gladiators various items, such as string, a piece of leather and a stone. It moves into the Colosseum and opens up the games. All of the gladiators can’t seem to defeat this big gladiator who clearly fights better. In between that story line, some subtle, and not so subtle Christian imagery pops up. Some examples are  a man nailed to a cross, what seems to be the Virgin Mary and an Angel-like figure. Also, a Roman woman with lions appears too (There’s a story about a woman killed by lions for being a Christian). The tone of the video seems to be a tribute to Early Christians with the Christian imagery. The gladiators may be Christians, but it’s not said overtly. They could have been punished for other crimes. The video concludes with the gladiators discovering that their objects go together to form a sling and they kill the big gladiator with the stone. Probably yet another reference to Christianity (David and Goliath). I ponder too, if the cloaked man is an Early Christian helping the gladiators. Some other people we see in between too look like Julius Caesar and a Renaissance woman. The video gets one thinking and it seems to try to tell a story on a deeper level, because of the Christian references. You have to know some history to understand some of the references regarding the Roman-Christian relationship. However, sources say that a lot of the persecutions were embellished or fabricated by Christian monks later on. Christian Martyrs (or Not) The Romans did have a bunch of misconceptions about Early Christian practices though. The video does refer to history that not many people know too much about and that’s what makes it so note worthy.


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