Operation Valkyrie

Did you know that there were many plots to end Hitler’s life? One of the most famous plots was called Operation Valkyrie. It was headed by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, General Friedrich Olbricht, Ludwig Beck, and Major General Henning von Tresckow. They all plotted to find a way to usurp Hitler’s government and put in their own. They brainstormed ideas and concluded that they needed to kill Hitler to succeed. One of their initial thoughts was to have someone kill Hitler and themselves in the process using a bomb. They wanted to do that when Hitler would be inspecting some new Uniforms. The meeting was cancelled, so they had to think of something else. They finally came up with a plan to plant the bomb at a military briefing Hitler was attending and it would go off. The other part of the plan, after Hitler was dead was to activate special orders called the Walküre alert (Valkyrie alert) originally designed to quell an uprising of forced laborers. They tweaked it to include controlling the SS in case of an uprising too. Their plan was to stage it like the SS was usurping Hitler’s Germany after his death, and to quell them with the Valkyrie alert. The only problem was General Friedrich Fromm, a higher general who was the only one who could sign the order refused, and Hitler survived the blast from the bomb. They ended up forging Fromm’s signature to activate the Valkyrie alert anyways. Stauffenberg was at the briefing with Hitler and planted the bomb and witnessed it go off. He was convinced it killed Hitler and went on with the plans without double-checking. Stauffenberg and the others managed to briefly take over government centers using the Valkyrie alert, but was thwarted once people knew Hitler survived. Stauffenberg and his accomplices were arrested by Fromm and Fromm had them all executed by firing squad. Surprisingly, Fromm himself was executed for not taking action sooner. Ultimately, their biggest flaw was not double-checking to see if Hitler was really dead!

A whole movie was made recently about it. Check out this clip!



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