Imperialism in The Modern World

Imperialism is a topic I was always fascinated by. The concept that one’s country is entitled to other countries and people is interesting. Many countries practiced imperialism throughout modern history, and the general consensus was that the territories they were overruling were uncivilized, therefore, “fair game.” Imperialism was a big trend in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Britain had a huge empire including India and a whole bunch of places around the world. Other countries got into it too, like Germany, France, Russia, Belgium, and Spain for example. Often, these countries coerced the Peoples in those territories to give up their sovereignty under the guise of trade agreements and such. They didn’t realize that those agreements gave up their own rule. Imperialism was highly political, territories could have been in strategic positions or have resources bigger countries wanted, but also, it was done to impose culture on the conquered Peoples. The invading countries believed that the Peoples they took over were uncivilized and they needed to “civilize” them. A popular term for that is “the white man’s burden”. A prime example of imperialism was Africa. Africa was owned by various countries in Europe like Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Belgium among others. The only independent part was Ethiopia and Liberia, mainly because they were “civilized”. Often, these countries exploited the people there to make their products like in the Belgian Congo. States like Hawaii and US territories were got out of imperialism. Luckily today, imperialism fell out of favor.



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I like ancient and medieval history!
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