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Der Sachsen Spiegel (The Mirror of the Saxons)

I came across this interesting book. It’s from the Middle Ages and it describes old traditional laws of the Medieval Saxons from Germany. The original book was written in Middle Low German and dates back to the year 1220. The … Continue reading

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The Pagan Origins of Easter

It is well known that Easter is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection to Christians.  In the Christian narrative, on Good Friday, Jesus Christ was buried after his execution. The tomb was open on Sunday, and Jesus revealed that he … Continue reading

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Good Friday in The Middle Ages

Good Friday is the day commemorating Jesus Christ’s burial in Christianity. It precedes Easter, which is the following Sunday. Often before the Easter holiday, Christians observe Lent for 40 days where they traditionally cannot eat meat except for fish. (It’s … Continue reading

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Nuclear Experiments !!!

Ever since WWII, advances in nuclear warfare gained attention.  The US and Russia were in a nuclear arms race because of the Cold War between the two.  Well-known tests occurred at the Bikini Atoll near Hawaii.  Operation crossroads was one … Continue reading

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