Der Sachsen Spiegel (The Mirror of the Saxons)

I came across this interesting book. It’s from the Middle Ages and it describes old traditional laws of the Medieval Saxons from Germany. The original book was written in Middle Low German and dates back to the year 1220. The book consists of descriptions of various laws and has pictures to illustrate each individual law. It was the most important German law book of the Middle Ages. A Latin copy was thought to exist, but only fragments remain.  The book deals with criminal and civil law, as well as feudal law regarding social classes. A cool fact is that the proverb “first come first served” comes from the Sachsen Spiegel! Four out of seven original illustrated versions exist today. There are 400 copies in all. Back then, books were very valuable and anyone who owned a book was very rich. Books were 100% hand crafted and drawn, so it took a lot of work to make one! Also, they could be embellished with precious stones and jewels. Since everyone did not have the law book on hand, the pictures helped people remember the laws written like a mnemonic. There are some neat pictures! It looks like one author drew them all!

The Saschenspiegel  Tufts University Sachenspiegel

P1020025 P1020022 P1020021 P1020019 P1020024  P1020017


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I like ancient and medieval history!
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  1. Carol says:

    You find the most interesting topics. You should save your posts and print them in book form.

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