Regeneration was based on a novel about treating shell-shocked soldiers in WWI. It follows Siegfried Sassoon and other patients at the Craiglockart Hospital in Scotland. They were all there due to mental trauma and are counseled by Dr. William rivers. Sassoon was sent there to “cure” him of his new found pacifism. Other patients there are Prior, who can’t speak and Mr. Burns who was traumatized by landing in a rotting corpse head first. The film is an interesting twist on most films about WWI. Not many have directly dealt with the topic of shell shock as the main plot in the film. Dr. William rivers is a likable character who has a genuine concern and care for his patients. The film takes you into see what it was like in a hospital treating those unique cases.

Here’s part 1, if you look further, the other parts are on YouTube as well…


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