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The Summer Solstice

Yesterday was the summer solstice, the longest day of the year! Also, the official start of summer! Historically, this day was big for various ancient peoples too! Summer was often a time of bounty in terms of food and no … Continue reading

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It Wasn’t Funny Then, So Why is it Funny Now?

A lot of historical events are portrayed in a comic light by us modern people. A good way to remember certain events is to use humor since we tend to remember funny jokes and situations. Even serious and tragic events … Continue reading

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Strange Medieval Art Part II

Since the last post was so popular, I added a part two! There are so many examples out there, there’s room for more hilarity! That creature has two heads!!! I wonder what the artist was thinking? (It’s from the Luttrell … Continue reading

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The Luttrell Psalter

The Luttrell Psalter was a Medieval religious book commissioned by Sir Geoffrey Luttrell in the 1300’s. It contains a calendar, psalms and a Mass. It contains numerous drawings of daily life in Medieval times and Bible stories. It’s well known … Continue reading

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Strange Medieval Art

Most people have seen the art of Medieval Manuscripts from time to time. They look semi-realistic, but still cartoonish unlike the later works of the Renaissance. Most are about religious activities or daily life in the Middle Ages. Regardless, all … Continue reading

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