Strange Medieval Art

Most people have seen the art of Medieval Manuscripts from time to time. They look semi-realistic, but still cartoonish unlike the later works of the Renaissance. Most are about religious activities or daily life in the Middle Ages. Regardless, all are insightful into the Middle Ages and daily life. From them, you can tell what their clothing looked like, what they did and the tools they used among other things. However, some drawings are not so conventional…

A knight fighting a snail… apparently, those were seen a lot in many manuscripts. One theory is that the snail is an allusion from the bible about death. (Better watch out for those eye-stalks!) Why? Just why… (I wonder what the poor reader thought when he came across that!) This drawing was from 800 years ago! It’s not the professional drawings of the monks, but it’s something! It was found in a religious book. I guess someone was bored in church! Bizarre and vulgar illustrations from illuminated medieval manuscripts “It’s not what it looks like!” (I can guess why the king wanted that dragon slayed!)

In all seriousness though, Medieval drawings do give us insights into their daily lives and into history. (Just take some images with a grain of salt…)We can ponder about why they decided to go down such unconventional routes. Maybe they allude to something, a reference lost in time, or some joke. Maybe, the artists just wanted to be goofy! I guess goofing off can transcend time periods! See some more strange drawings! Warning: some may not be for everyone! Look if you dare!


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I like ancient and medieval history!
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2 Responses to Strange Medieval Art

  1. The layout is nice, the topic is fascinating. The spelling should be checked. The word “illusion from ” should be “allusion to.” And I think you mean “eye-stalks,” not “eye-stocks”!

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