Strange Medieval Art Part II

Since the last post was so popular, I added a part two! There are so many examples out there, there’s room for more hilarity!

That creature has two heads!!! I wonder what the artist was thinking? (It’s from the Luttrell Psalter.)

Who says people with disabilities are “disabled”?… I wonder if they got into an argument at a disability rights conference :) I could hear them now: (“No! You’re supposed to use person-first terminology!!!…”)

Yeah, yoga really loosens up those muscles after battle! :)

“Dad, how many times have I told you to knock first!…”

Rule #1: Don’t stand behind animals unless you want #2!

“I’ll have none of your monkey-business!”

Someone had some ornithophobia (fear of birds)! It’s the chicken of his nightmares!

Watson and Crick better watch out! Someone harnessed the power of DNA before they got to it!

Some things never change…

Made in 1275 BPC (Before political correctness)… No nasally insensitive stereotypes here:)


About History Is Interesting

I like ancient and medieval history!
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