The Summer Solstice

Yesterday was the summer solstice, the longest day of the year! Also, the official start of summer! Historically, this day was big for various ancient peoples too! Summer was often a time of bounty in terms of food and no cold to worry about… Monuments like Stonehenge, where the sun shines on the heel stone, and a snake petroglyph that has the sun shine on it only on that date! Other ancient monuments also are specially calibrated to do things like that on the summer solstice too! At the Great pyramids, the sun sets precisely between the two largest ones on the summer solstice. It’s amazing how those ancient peoples calibrated such feats. Modern people have trouble rivaling it even with modern technology! The stars, sun and moon meant a whole lot more to the ancients than to us! The stars were used for many things, like navigating and could tell them supernatural things too. The sun and moon could be used to count the months and years and also, the sun could make things grow or die! No wonder they wanted to build monuments involving the cosmos, it was important to them! Outer Space was in the supernatural realm to many, as no one could really get a good look from earth, like with our telescopes and satellites and all. Also, we only recently went on the moon! Maybe, they wanted more control over what was very uncontrollable and unpredictable. They probably felt comfort in the predictable like the solstices and other astronomical cycles they could count by. Outer space was looked at scientifically in the sense we know more in the Renaissance in Europe, or one could argue, in the Medieval Middle East. Outer space was a very supernatural place for a long time! Even now, people still look at horoscopes! The summer solstice was the celebration of life to many ancient peoples, marking the end of the sun’s demise, (until the winter solstice)!


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I like ancient and medieval history!
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