Did You Know? Today is The Day of Archaeology

On July 24th, archaeologists celebrate outreaching to the public about what their daily life is like and what their job entails. Archaeology has always been fascinating to people, probably because of the imagined adventure. Take Hollywood, for example, the Indiana Jones series is a huge success! The problem is, archaeology is often oversimplified as just an adventure movie with the archaeologists finding buried treasure all the time and avoiding booby traps! While those extraordinary things do happen in rare instances, most archaeology is digging for traces in the soil on a grid in the field. The real picture can be disappointing for those Indiana Jones lovers, but real archaeology is still fascinating. Discovering artifacts connects one with the past in a way that the history books just can’t. It humanizes the people you’re studying and spawns a variety of questions, for example, “Why was it there? What was it used for? What was the significance of the artifact? How did it end up there, was it put there on purpose, or brought there over time? How did they make it? Was there a cultural significance to it?” and so on… Many times it can be very ambiguous and it’s like a big guessing game with educated guesses. Archaeology is probably good for people who like a good mystery! In honor of “The Day of Archaeology” I want to introduce a real archaeologist who has a blog called “Bones Don’t Lie“! It’s all about mortuary archaeology, archaeology studying cultural practices around death. She wrote many posts commemorating Archaeology Day including one today about that day in her life as an archaeologist! It’s a fascinating read!



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I like ancient and medieval history!
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