The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

Most have seen the Indiana Jones movies with “Indy” as an older man, but not too many know that an entire series of films were made of him as a child and a teenager! The premise is exciting, as Indiana accompanies his parents on a world lecture tour due to the success of his father, Henry Sr.’s latest book. He travels to all sorts of places in the early 1900’s, and meets a variety of historical figures. In his teen years, he fights in WWI and has even more adventures there! Throughout the series, prominent historical events also happen conveniently for Indiana to experience first hand. Coupled with his wild adventures, it makes for a very intriguing and interesting series that really brings history to life! I have only praise for the series, the plot lines were detailed and not bland, the characters were all well rounded, and didn’t fall back on cliche tropes and stereotypes. The history was portrayed accurately, with a twist, as Indiana is right in the middle of it which makes it even more amusing! The costumes were historically and culturally accurate for all places and time periods,  and the sets were fantastic! In fact, it was such a high budget show, they had to cancel before the third season was to come out! The part that struck me the most by far is how they showcase the country and events in the series. You feel like you’re really there, and you can learn by just observing the clothing, the customs, the language and environment. I absolutely loved how they showcased the various languages of each country, as Indiana learned to speak all of the languages from the countries he’s visited. I just wish they made him speak more of the languages he knew, but the series gives a generous helping of various languages more than many other movies and shows do! The best part is, you can watch episodes set in places you’re interested in. While every episode is worthwhile, if you’re in to a particular place or historical event, watching that particular episode is all the better. So many shows do not compare to this series, and I’m sure many won’t in the future! History buffs everywhere should watch this series, as it emphasizes the history and the culture while many modern shows claiming to portray history make it into a social sitcom and little attention to real history. Right now, my favorite episode takes place in Egypt and Morocco, and young Indy meets T. E. Lawrence!


Below, I have taken the time to paste the links to all of the videos on YouTube of the entire series! Click on the episode to watch! :)

List of episodes:


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