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I take pride in the work and dedication I invest all the time into making History is Interesting an interesting and insightful blog for history buffs out there! However, I have not, as of yet, given due credit to the many blogs I have read that are equally if not much more so insightful and informative as my own! These blogs inspire me to be better at writing my own, and learn new things:

Bones Don’t Lie This blog focuses on Mortuary Archaeology from an array of time periods! The author, Katheryn Meyers Emery, has recently earned her PhD in that field! She describes her focus as:

“This blog was created to serve as a way for me to keep up to date with current mortuary and bioarchaeology news, as well as a way to work on my own scholarly writing. Since then it has evolved into a way for me to explore a variety of regions, theories, interpretations, perspectives, and methods in the discipline.”

An Historian Goes to the Movies This blog gives historically based reviews of popular historical movies critiquing their historical accuracy! Really cool reads!

“This blog is about exploring historical films (and TV shows). My goal is to look at films the way a professional historian does, not the way an average film-goer or fan does. I intend to examine issues such as historical accuracy, the relationship between film and scholarship, how films use their historical sources, and so on. While I’m a trained historian, I can’t be an expert on every possible historical subject, so while I make a serious effort to get the historical facts rights, I’m sure I’ll make occasional errors, and sometimes I’ll have to omit details simply for the sake of brevity and readability. I’m a medievalist, so I’m going to tend to focus on films about the Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern periods in Europe, simply because I know most about those. But I’ll periodically cover other historical periods as well.”

Medieval books This blog specializes in the study and analysis of Medieval manuscripts and what they can tell us about Medieval life. The author, Erick Kwakkel, is a professional book historian specializing in Medieval works.

I am a book historian at Leiden University, The Netherlands, where I study medieval manuscripts – books from before the invention of print. My research and teaching is hands-on, with real objects on the table. A good day for me is having medieval dirt on my hands. I am also directing a project on twelfth-century manuscript culture: “Turning Over a New Leaf: Manuscript Innovation in the Twelfth-Century Renaissance.”

From the Garden into the City This blog has a particularly insightful post I linked here about the merits of studying history. She describes her main focus as:

“Disgruntled graduate student of the first millennium A.D. eastern Mediterranean. Interested mainly in historiography, power, and representation. A historical materialist who tries to appreciate that many people really believed in the things they fought for. Complains profusely about the problems of academia while still being complicit in too many of them. Does not feel that pronouns are necessary.”

All Mesopotamia This blog deals with ancient Mesopotamia in great depth!

“Welcome to the All Mesopotamia blog, where you will learn about these civilizations through fun little (and not-so-little) posts, featuring information gathered from sources all over the internet. This blog is part of a network of various social networking platforms through which All Mesopotamia distributes information about this ancient civilization…”

Mercurius Politicus This blog is focused on Early Modern History and focuses on Henry Walker, a 17th century person who made some slanderous pamphlets against another person, John Taylor!

 “I began this blog when I was doing an MA in early modern history at Birkbeck. The MA is now done, but the blog has remained as an outlet for my interest in the early modern period. I am currently researching and writing a life of the ironmonger, pamphleteer and preacher Henry Walker. Walker is well-known to anyone who studies the politics of the English Civil Wars; but he is entirely obscure to anyone else, and he remains something of a figure of fun even amongst scholars. Many historians take the criticisms of his opponents at face value, and have tended to dismiss him as a result. I think there is more to him than that, though.”

The Social Historian This blog is about mostly Early Modern/Post Medieval history and it’s social history. It’s written by Jonathan Healey.

“Adventures in the world of social, economic and local history…”

The History of the Byzantine Empire This blog deals mainly with the Byzantine empire, as the name suggests.

“My name is Robert Horvat and welcome to ‘The History of the Byzantine Empire” blog. This is not a new project in the strictest sense. I have been reading on the subject for about 20 years now. It all began one day when I was looking into reading further about Croatia (my parents birthplace) and its history. There wasn’t many books back in the mid 1990’s on Croatia, so I found myself reading other European history that mentioned Croatia to get my fix. I accidentally stumbled across my first Byzantine history book, entitled The Byzantine Commonwealth: Eastern Europe 500-1453 by Dimitri Obolensky, which had interesting sections dotted throughout on the Balkans and Croatia. Being curious I thought it would be a great investment, so I bought it. I initially struggled through it, but by the end of it I was completely mesmerized by this so called Byzantine Empire. It was full of intrigue and everything about it was exotic (to me).”

There are plenty more great historical blogs, that I have not listed, but I visit these most frequently! I find great blogs all the time, you just have to look and be inspired!


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