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“Check Your Privilege” What NOT to Wear This Saturnalia

Dear Romans: Saturnalia is just around the corner, and here’s a yearly reminder of what NOT to wear for your costume: A Barbarian warrior Rome has systematically oppressed many a “Barbarian”. From calling their language primitive gibberish, to enslaving them, … Continue reading

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The Age of The Asylum: Psychology’s Golden Age Part II

My renewed interest in turn of the century psychology has brought some more fascinating primary sources from that era as well as modern insights into the period. Here are some other interesting reads! Alzheimer: The Life of a Physician and … Continue reading

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Lost Sects of Christianity

Christianity today has thousands of different denominations today, all with minor and some major differences, but today’s variations of Christianity pale in comparison to the differences in beliefs of earlier Christians! From whether or not Jesus was actually divine, to … Continue reading

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