Art and History Part II: Sculpting The Insane

In addition to drawing illustrations of various scenes, I also was inspired to make figurines of some of the mental patients!

This one is a madwoman being restrained by an attendant. I gave her an angry expression to show she didn’t like being restrained. I named this piece “The Dance of Insanity” since they looked like they were dancing!

This is another mental patient I made. She is lifting up her dress and twirling about. I tried to make it so she looks like she’s moving a lot. Perhaps she’s overstimulated and needs a trip to the quiet room!

Lastly, this one is acting really crazy! I added the white sweater because in pictures I have seen, at one institution, all of the women wore the same white sweater over their dresses! I assume it was the institution uniform.



About History Is Interesting

I like ancient and medieval history!
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  1. Retrojackie says:

    Interesting! Love the artistic interpretation!

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