The Weird Side of the Stasi

The Stasi wasn’t fun and games certainly, but they did have an amusing side to their methods! One amusing thing was their disguises. They had informants and spied on everyone, but their disguises were a bit lacking…

Image result for stasi disguises

Yeah… No one would believe they were out of place…

With their fake toupees and weird outdated clothes, I’m sure they wouldn’t look out of place at all! My favorite ones are the last one, called “western tourist” and the second one, called “mama’s boy”! It’s amusing to think they had to put in so much effort to disguise themselves. Why not just wear their own street clothes? The photos were found by Simon Menner when he looked in the Stasi files. He released them to show the funny yet eerie side to the photos, since they were part of a creepy secret government force.

“Many of the images reproduced here might appear absurd or even funny to us,” he said. “But it is important not to lose sight of the original intentions behind these pictures. They concern photographic records of the repression exerted by the state to subdue it own citizens. For me, the banality of some of these pictures makes them even more repulsive.”( “Stasi style! How East Germany’s secret police dressed their agents to ensure they could infiltrate the lives of suspects”)

Some more awkwardness!

Image result for stasi disguises

Related image

Related image

In addition to the weird disguises, the Stasi would photograph the insides of rooms they were about to search, so they could put everything back so the owner wouldn’t know they were there! Pretty creepy if you ask me! Some are creepy in that they look so mundane and boring, like an unmade bed or children’s toys. Others are simply “What the heck???”

What on Earth? Why? Just Why?…

Other photos found were equally as weird. Some were from a high ranking Stasi official’s birthday where he asked guests to dress up as subversives they were targeting!

Birtday party of a Stasi official Image result for stasi disguises

(“Mr Menner found several photos taken at the birthday party of a senior Stasi official in which guests were told to come disguised as members of demographic groups under Stasi surveillance. They included athletes, peace activists, soccer players and religious figures.”)

Who knew the Stasi could be such weirdos? One more picture for your amusement:

(And the “Biggest Snoop Award” goes to…)

Learn more in detail with this interesting article! Absurd Secret Police Photos Show the Campy Side of Communist Spy Games


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