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The Crucifixion: Was Jesus the Victim?

(Please Note: This contains some theological arguments. While I try to stick to a strictly historical context, due to the nature of this topic, some theological points come into play. This does not mean that these are literal religious standpoints … Continue reading

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Art and History III: German Soldiers

As in previous posts, Art and History Part II: Sculpting The Insane¬†for example, I am often inspired to make art about the history I’m studying! This time, I made German soldiers from WWI up to the Berlin Wall! ¬†“Defeated German … Continue reading

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Franz + Polina

Franz + Polina is a movie set in WWII in Belarus. The SS has occupied this little village and built a rapport with the local people. They see the SS soldiers as friendly and protectors and invite them into their … Continue reading

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