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Happy (German) Memorial Day!: Volkstrauertag

This song is a German military song for fallen comrades. It talks about a soldier and his comrade as they go into battle and the close bond they shared. In battle, one of them is struck with a bullet and … Continue reading

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Political Correctness is Making History, History…

Throughout this blog on numerous occasions, I have emphasized how we cannot judge historical people by contemporary standards. Everyone is shaped by the cultural matrix they live in, us included, and many attitudes that are acceptable and thought of as … Continue reading

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“Why the Silence?…”

(This is a public service announcement brought to you by History is Interesting :) Unless you’re outside the US, or are off the grid, you’ve probably heard a constant bombardment of news revolving around subjects such as President Trump, racial … Continue reading

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Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Brings History to Life!

The premise of this movie is that these two kids, Bill and Ted, who are teenage rebels, need to pass their history class in order for Ted not to be sent to military school. Both are not studious and would … Continue reading

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War Game

I discovered this short 30 minute film about WWI and it’s quite interesting! It’s animated like a kid’s cartoon, but has much darker elements to it to be considered solely for young children. The story is historical fiction about a … Continue reading

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Art and History III: German Soldiers

As in previous posts, Art and History Part II: Sculpting The Insane¬†for example, I am often inspired to make art about the history I’m studying! This time, I made German soldiers from WWI up to the Berlin Wall! ¬†“Defeated German … Continue reading

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Franz + Polina

Franz + Polina is a movie set in WWII in Belarus. The SS has occupied this little village and built a rapport with the local people. They see the SS soldiers as friendly and protectors and invite them into their … Continue reading

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