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Happy (German) Memorial Day!: Volkstrauertag

This song is a German military song for fallen comrades. It talks about a soldier and his comrade as they go into battle and the close bond they shared. In battle, one of them is struck with a bullet and … Continue reading

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The Birth of Civilization

The Birth of Civilization is a documentary made by National Geographic. I like that documentary a ton! It is compromised of four mini-stories that tie in with what they’re saying fact-wise. It stars in the paleolithic and goes up to … Continue reading

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Nebra Sky Disc

The Nebra sky Disc is an artifact from the bronze age. It’s significance is that it is the oldest star-chart known. It has stars and a sun and moon on it. One group of stars are thought to be the … Continue reading

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Medieval People

The Middle Ages is usually thought to start after the fall of Rome in 476 AD and goes until the fall of Constantinople. The Middle Ages was a turbulent time, and historians wanted to split it up into the early, … Continue reading

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